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SLO Baked is a small, locally owned commercial bakery in San Luis Obispo, California, proudly serving the Central Coast’s local businesses since 1985.

“Baking deliciousness since 1985″

About SLO Baked

Friendly Neighborhood Bakery

We are a B2B commercial bakery. Our small size allows us to be agile in ever-changing environments.

We bake in small, made-to-order batches using fresh, quality ingredients daily. This way, we’re consistently delivering pastries guaranteed to brighten your day!

“35+ Years of experience “

Baking Experience
Customer Service

Fresh Ingredients

Experience the irresistible taste of our bakery's finest creations, crafted with the freshest ingredients.

Expert Bakers

Trust our expert bakers to skillfully craft delectable treats that elevate your taste buds and delight your senses.

Years Experience

Celebrating 35 years of passion and expertise in the bakery. Our legacy of delicious creations continues to delight generations.

Delicious Goods

Explore our delectable baked goods, a delightful fusion of traditional craftsmanship and premium ingredients in every bite.


SLO Baked

We Deliver Fresh Daily

SLO Baked delivers your order first thing in the morning daily to ensure optimal freshness.

We can arrange a complimentary box of products tailored to your business needs! Contact us today to receive free samples of our pastries.

Sweet & Savory

From almond to stuffed ham & cheese, the croissants are sure to satisfy.

Local Delivery

We deliver anywhere between Arroyo Grande to Cambria.

Seasonal Items

Menu items may change by season.

Menu Variety

We offer a wide variety of pastry options to accommodate any of your business' needs.

How We Work

Quality You Can Taste

We believe in mouthwatering, locally-made, fresh, baked-to-order pastries for our community to enjoy.

Fresh Ingredients

Experience the unmatched taste of our bakery delights, crafted with the freshest ingredients.

Old Recipes

Savor the timeless charm of our bakery treats, skillfully crafted using cherished, heirloom recipes for an authentic and unforgettable taste experience.

Quality Check

Rest assured with our rigorous quality checks, ensuring every treat from our bakery meets the highest standards for flavor, freshness, and satisfaction.

Sweet Result

Delight in our bakery's sweet successes, where masterful techniques and premium ingredients unite to create irresistible confections that truly satisfy.

Baked Goods & Pastries

Choose SLO Baked in San Luis Obispo for your business or coffee shop’s pastry needs and experience the exceptional quality, artistry, and locally-sourced ingredients that elevate our baked goods, ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering a lasting partnership.

Croissant Variety

Enhance your business offerings with SLO Baked’s irresistible croissants and baked goods, skillfully crafted in San Luis Obispo, using premium, locally-sourced ingredients that ensure unparalleled taste, quality, and customer satisfaction to foster enduring collaborations.

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Discover the Freshly Launched SLO Baked Website: Your Trusted Partner in Quality Baked Goods

Discover the Freshly Launched SLO Baked Website: Your Trusted Partner in Quality Baked Goods

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